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We are a dynamic business with a fresh attitude and an enlightened philosophy that sets us apart from our competitors as the best essay writing services provider. The confidence we have in our services is rooted in the fact that we are a great team of native English speakers, including professional writers, editors, and tutors with strong academic backgrounds, extensive research experience, and proven writing skills.

What makes us different is our unique personalized approach, which assures you that you are not just a number — we have your interests at heart. You can, at any time, personally get in touch with us via your most convenient channel and let us know how we can support you. Whether it is taking you full online class, doing a technical project, or writing an essay from scratch, we’ve got your back!

Going by our Business Name, AcademicPanther, we try as much as possible to disassociate ourselves from AI by always writing everything word-by-word. Yes our name is suggestive of AI, but we are the exact opposite — all orders placed at AcademicPanther are researched and written by our seasoned tutors from scratch!

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Our Story

In 2011, three college friends and finalists from The Ohio State University (OSU) identified a challenge among college students. Since their enrollment as freshers, the number of classmates gradually dropped each year. By the time they were graduating, their class had lost nearly half of the members initially enrolled. After closely following up to identify the potential reason, they realized that close to 70% dropped out as a result of academic failure associated with personal commitments and incompetency in specific subjects.

As budding entrepreneurs, the three friends started deliberating on a potential solution. Eventually, they decided to start an offline consulting startup focused on helping students in their field of study who were either juggling between school and work or finding some subjects challenging to get their way around.

This continued for about two years. In mid-2013, they decided to scale online to easily manage their growing clientbase and recruit more experts across different fields. And that is how AcademicPanther was born. Today, the team has scaled to over 600 professionals specializing in different majors, and growing!

Our Tutors

Our tutors are our greatest resource. The growth we have achieved so far is largely thanks to the commitment our team demonstrates every day. From our story, we have tried to carry our original vision and pass it to every tutor who joins, which is offering genuine support and actually caring for our students. We measure our success by the number of happy students we have managed to help so far, which is a truly incredible number.

The first step in enforcing quality in our team is ensuring we have the right people. As such, our vetting process is quite rigorous. It starts with verifying the academic qualifications of the applicant to ascertain they meet our basic requirements, which is a Masters in their major. Next, we give them three tests that involve writing complete academic papers to test their English proficiency, competence in different academic referencing styles, and their ability to follow instructions. For technical subjects, this involves doing practical work such as coding challenges, analyzing spreadsheets, accounting, and other activities relevant to their major. With this, we are certain that all our tutors truly understand what they are doing.

Once recruited, we constantly run performance checks from the ratings you provide for work done to ensure they are on the right track. Tutors who get less than 4.5 out of 5 over a period of two months are disqualified to ensure that we retain the quality we advocate for.

Due to our strict policy on AI software, we ban all writers whose work is constantly flagged for AI. Inasmuch as not all are 100% accurate, it is not hard to notice AI-generated phrases by just reading. We use ZeroGPT as our base reference for AI detection and encourage our students to stick to that to avoid confusion.

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Each paper you receive from AcademicPanther is human written and plagiarism-free. We are proud to have helped 10,000+ students achieve their academic success.